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Smoothly does it with Glidetrack and Lloyds Bank

Chas Maguire · October 17, 2012 · News · 0 comments

Lloyds1After Lloyds and OEE confirmed their new video for their HR department we wanted to ensure we could give the client the best footage possible within the budget allowed. Our challenge was to make a bank of grey desks and computers look as beautiful as possible, without detracting from the serious message behind the video, and within an incredibly tight schedule. All without having any effect on the budget. This is where the Glidetrack comes in.

Glidetrack is one of the many distributors of a handy piece of equipment called a slider, which usually comes in lengths of between 0.5 and 2m long. The slider can replicate some of the shots a Track and Dolly would produce, but with much less set up time and without the need for additional crew members. It’s also ideal when you are limited by space or health and safety issues. Our crew have used many sliders for the past few years, but Glidetrack have really come into their own with the release of the new Glidetrack Hybrid Slider System.

The new carriage on the hybrid holds the weight of the camera on a set of bearings that work in conjunction with a new plastic liner, providing excellent performance over the original metal parts. This means the camera weight is distributed beautifully. The slider is positioned on non marking rubber feet that quickly compensate for uneven ground when shooting, and although it is heavier than the SD versions of the slider it is fairly portable and can be used for huge variety of shots including; horizontally, vertically, at inclines and even upside down! For our Lloyds programme, we used several different inclines, resting the slider on various different apparatus from a tripod to filing cabinets! The camera and gets a nice smooth ride, our crew is pleased and the clients get some fantastic looking shots.

If you want to give your video project that extra flair, talk to us about using the GlideTrack on your project!

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